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The unique NexsysADC™ Automated Dispensing Cabinet is available in a compact, countertop size. The NexsysADC 4T provides the same cutting-edge technology and safeguards as the main cabinet version of NexsysADC to safely store and dispense medications and supplies at the point of care (especially for controlled medications and high-dollar medications). However, the NexsysADC 4T is uniquely sized for smaller formulary requirements, budgets and spaces (about 40% lower cost than alternative automated dispensing cabinets). NexsysADC 4T is highly configurable with the ability to automate up to 150 SKUs in one four-tier unit. With the NexsysADC 4T compact automated dispensing cabinet, even more healthcare settings can secure their sensitive medications and see a faster return on their investment (ROI).


High-Powered, Safe Medication Dispensing System Wherever Higher Security Is Needed

At all times, you know what medications are inside each NexsysADC 4T, who is accessing them and what medication is pulled or dispensed for a specific patient or procedure. Tamper-evident hardware and software deter diversion and misplacement.

NexsysADC 4T is designed for:

  • Secure drug storage at healthcare facilities with smaller formulary requirements and compact spaces
  • Offsite control of all medications or supplies, especially controlled and high-value medications
  • Full tracking of all interactions
  • Starter doses, STAT doses, 1st doses, electronic emergency kits (“E-Kit”)
  • A locked-down drug safe to mitigate the theft and loss of controlled medications
  • Tight inventory management and secure narcotics storage
  • Cost-cutting (decrease or eliminate local pharmacy delivery fees)
  • Billing control

Custom-configured for each facility

  • Choose the configuration: NexsysADC 4T comes with 1, 2 or 4 CAMs (Controlled Access Modules). CAMs are locking, individual cells that hold single medication doses. Each CAM can hold up to 25 SKUs.
  • Choose the security level: Each pharmacy and care facility staff member is assigned user privileges. The networked system tracks what medication is picked, who picked it, and for which patient, with tamper-evident technology backing you up.
  • Choose the number of NexsysADC 4T units to deploy: NexsysADC is practical and affordable so you can deploy at each facility. Cloud connectivity allows you to easily expand to more facilities.


  • Cabinet size 23.5”(w) 20.4”(d) 17.7”(h) / 60(w) 52(d) 45(h) cm
  • Adjustable 14″ touchscreen monitor (total unit height 26” / 66cm)
  • Weight 100 lbs (empty)
  • Cabinet configuration is flexible. Popular set-ups include:

1-CAM (NXTC-X1-C01-D000)

    • Up to 25 locking cells
    • Holds up to 150 SKUs

2-CAM (NXTC-X2-C10-D000)

    • Up to 50 locking cells
    • Holds up to 134 SKUs

4-CAM (NXTC-X4-C00-D000)

    • UP to 100 locking cells
    • Holds up to 100 SKUs
  • CAMs (Controlled Access Module)
    • Configured for up to 25 SKUs; 12 CAM configurations available
    • CAM size 16.25″w x 13.375″d x 3″h
    • 1×1 cell 2.76″w x 2.37″d x 2″h
    • 1×2 cell 5.78″w x 2.37″d x 2″h
    • 2×2 cell 5.78″w x 4.86″d x 2″h
  • Open cell medication bins for routine meds: 2-Tier and 3-Tier
    • Each bin can be adjusted for 1 to 14 locations. These medications are also tracked.
    • 2-tier (6 individual bins): 18″w x 16″d x 6.5″h, 15 lbs
    • 3-tier (9 individual bins): 18″w x 16″d x 9.75″h, 21.5 lbs
    • Single cassette bin: 5.25″w x 11.5″d x 2.5″h
    • Positions per bin: Can contain up to 14 positions per bin. Positions can be combined by removing dividers.
  • Supply drawers: Available in 3″, 6″ or 9″ depth
    • Each drawer can be adjusted for 1 to 24 positions
    • 3″ drawer: 17″w x 14.75″d x 3″h
    • 6″ drawer: 17″w x 14.75″d x 6.5″h
    • 10″ drawer: 17″w x 14.75″d x 9.75″h
  • 2D barcode scanner, side-mounted, and removable
  • Biometric finger scanner
  • Windows 10 embedded (IOT) operating system
  • (Optional) Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is available for purchase (900W, 1500VA APC Backup UPS Pro)
  • Power requirements: Supports 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amps (Power supply auto-senses input voltage)-Additional power cords for non-U.S. countries are available
  • USA Patents: 10,045,899; 10,045,900
  • Metal mounting plate, hardware, template included
  • Mounting requirements for atop a countertop or cart:
    • Weight capacity approx. 150 lbs (loaded)
    • Minimum  footprint of 25″(w) x 27”(d) to allow for 2-3” around the side of the cabinet to provide airflow to the electronics
    • Ability to drill through countertop or cart top to attach mounting plate
    • Suggested standard countertop height (30”-35”) for ergonomic access
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